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Our People

We're your local experts in residence. Welcome to our home.

If you're thinking about a move, it really pays to get the best local, independent advice. At Leese & Nagle, we live and breathe this part of Bristol. It's where we work, where our children go to school – and where we've all bought and sold. So as well as having decades of experience, you'll find our knowledge of the local market is second to none.

Whether you're buying or selling, talk to us to ensure it's all simple, straightforward – and the right move for you.

5 simple steps to selling your home with Leese & Nagle

Thanks for the invite

As soon as you invite us to come round, we'll start doing some research, looking at what's for sale in your area and how the market's performing. That's the only way we can talk to you knowledgably and give you a fair appraisal of your home. And thanks to our years of experience, you can be confident our advice is spot-on.

It's all in the detail

We know what sells homes and what buyers are looking for. To create maximum impact, we take our time to produce high quality descriptions, photographs and floor plans – including what you love most about where you live. It all helps to get buyers excited about your home and ensure it really has the 'wow' factor.

Putting on a good show

First impressions count. There are plenty of simple ways to make the most of your space or show your home in the best light. So we'll tell you if we can see any quick wins to make your home more saleable. It might be as simple as de-cluttering, painting the fence or polishing your brass doorknocker. It all makes a big difference.

Staying in touch

If you work with us, you won't be left in the dark. At every step of the way we'll keep you up-to-date with what's happening. That means giving you regular feedback on viewings or details about how we're marketing your home. And then every few weeks, we'll review how it's all going and adjust our approach if necessary.

Giving you value for money

Every home is unique and every sell different. So rather than having a 'one size fits all' approach, we prefer to offer you a tailored package that's competitive and above all realistic. It seems the fairest way for us to provide an outstanding service and for you to get an outcome you're delighted with.

"We're with you every step of the way"